Fresh Plaza 2020

“Prices for Turkish pomegranates are similar to last year”

The Turkish pomegranate season is well underway and so far the season for one exporter has been positive. More production will hopefully lead to higher revenue, and despite the challenges that the pandemic brings with it, demand for and consumption of pomegranates has actually increased in most markets.

According to Mehmet Cakmak, the sales and marketing manager for Anı Tarım Fresh Fruit, the Turkish pomegranate season is going well, with higher production thanks to good weather conditions: “We observed that the 2020 pomegranate production and harvest season in Turkey has gone well, thanks to good weather conditions during blooming and ripening periods, albeit some rainy days in the early weeks of harvest in October. The product quality is high in general. We procured 2400 tons of Hejaz variety pomegranates by the contracted-local growers from Denizli and Antalya regions this season, which is 300 tons more compared to the last season’s quantity. We’re able offer all calibers (5-6-7-8-9-10 and 12) in carton, wooden or plastic packaging to our clients. Local procurement prices were higher than the last season due to increases on input costs at the national level.”